Four Seasons Tree Experts

Expert Climber

Expert Climber

Four Seasons Tree Experts is your Door County tree service all year round! Call now for spring assessment: (920) 854-5192.

Owner operator Dave Wohnrade is a Tree Dr – with over 30 years climbing, trimming, grinding & milling! His specialty is technical tree removals. When buckets or lifts can’t reach or access, Dave Wohnrade of Four Seasons Tree Experts can climb!


Bucket Truck when climbing isn't required.

Bucket Truck when climbing isn’t required.

Safety trimming is important

Safety trimming is important

California Conservation Crew in the ’70’s

Originally, trained by California Conservation Corps and worked for the US Forestry Service in the 70’s in Northern California, Dave returned to the Midwest and launched Four Seasons Tree Experts in McHenry, IL in the early 80’s.

In the late 1980’s Four Seasons Tree Experts relocated to its current location just East of Ephraim, Wisconsin. Dave Wohnrade operates his saw mill and provides expert care for trees through out all of Door County including Chambers Island. Dave has even hauled his climbing gear on to a plane for a special assignment out West. Saving Lives & Property!

Saving lives & property

Saving lives & property

For more information, contact Dave Wohnrade at 920.854.5192

On FaceBook: Four Seasons Tree Experts

Twitter: 4seasonstreeman

or email at


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